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Civic Pride Campaign

The Scottish Civic Trust has an established network of over 100 affiliated local groups across Scotland.  These groups represent an important part of Scotland's civic society.  It is a network run almost exclusively by volunteers who work hard to care for, celebrate and record their local heritage as well as campaign for the betterment of towns and cities for current and future generations.

The key aim of the Civic Pride Campaign is to recognise, support and celebrate the work of local civic groups and amenity societies across Scotland. Local civic-minded groups, some over 50 years old, are an important but sometimes overlooked force in local campaigns to promote local heritage and placemaking.   They call themselves different things - heritage or history societies, civic trusts or societies or amenity groups - but most share the same core objectives of recognising and sharing what is special about their local places. They work to improve them and defend them against inappropriate over-development.   These groups share one of the Scottish Civic Trust's fundamental purposes which is, as defined in our original deed of trust of 1966, "the elimination of ugliness".

The Trust's network of local groups involves 1000s of volunteers from all walks of life and across Scotland. Research carried out by the Trust in 2008 suggested that the total population of groups affiliated to the Trust was in the region of 16,500 members. By working with these groups and helping them to work together the Trust believes that it is helping to foster and encourage a sense of Civic Pride.

We want to go further, however, and develop the network to include and involve new civic groups and emerging community-based organisations and individuals who are interested and supportive of the drive to promote ownership and understanding of local heritage.  By breathing new life into the civic movement in Scotland and evoking the spirit of the 1960s and '70s the Civic Pride Campaign will highlight what is unique and special about Scotland's wonderful built heritage.  We want to celebrate it, care for it and share it. We will also campaign to ensure that the buildings and spaces of today are the heritage of tomorrow.

The Civic Pride Campaign will involve not just local groups but built and historic environment professionals, politicians (local and national), the press and the wider public.  We will communicate through our website, e-bulletins, downloads, social networking sites on Facebook and Twitter, talks, annual conference, civic forums and through a targeted media campaign.  We will also explore what can be done to promote the link between well-being and heritage, particularly amongst disadvantaged communities.

What do we hope to achieve with this campaign?  The advancement of civic pride amongst communities throughout Scotland leading to more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive places.

For more information visit the Civic Trust Network section of this website.

For more information, contact Gaby Laing at or call 0141 221 1466. 

This project is supported by Historic Environment Scotland.