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A Holiday In Glenrothes - Sylvia Grace Borda (1)

Learning resources aimed at senior level secondary pupils featuring the work of photographer Sylvia Grace Borda.

Sgb St Nins 9

Workshop with Sylvia Grace Borda at St Ninians High School, Giffnock. August 2014.


In 2014, My Place Photography Learning Project worked with St Ninians High School in Giffnock, East Renfrewshire and photographer Sylvia Grace Borda. 

Looking at her photographic series 'A Holiday in Glenrothes', a suite of learning resources inspired by her work and practice was developed with input from Sylvia, S6 pupils and teacher Emma Kelly via a workshop programme.

Sylvia's own artwork often borrows from older painting and photographic practices. Her artistic directions have informed a range of photographic-based activities for the Scottish Civic Trust in which young participants created 'portraits' of their local urban and rural environments. These activities allow young people to both reflect and problem-solve using observational and compositional techniques.