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Some helpful hints

  • Have all of your photographs prepared and ready in the same folder
  • Submit one photograph at a time
  • Check your email inbox regularly for approval email advice
  • See our Competition Resources page for hint and tips on all aspects of the competition
  • To stay up to date with new competition resources by subscribing to our FREE eBulletin here

    CLICK HERE to download and use our Preparation resource sheet for online submission of images 

Submit Your Entries

Once you have uploaded your images on the previous page, you can begin to submit competition entries following the instructions below.

This upload facility works best with an up-to-date internet browser, such as Google Chrome. Older browsers will not work as efficiently. Browsers older than Internet Explorer 9 may not work at all. If you can please update your browser now using this link here. 

  1. Select which competition you would like to enter (Primary or Secondary). This is done by selecting a competition from the drop down menu visible on the page.
  2. You will see a list of images you've uploaded with boxes for the information required to submit the entry. These will appear next to the relevant preview thumbnail and include the forename, surname, age of the student and image title of the image being uploaded.
  3. Once the image information has been added for the first photograph, submit the entry by pressing 'Submit' beside the corresponding entry. Repeat for each photograph to be submitted.  

    Only fill in the details for one photograph at a time - or when you click submit on the first entry you will lose all of the data you've entered for the following photographs. 
  4. Once all images are uploaded a box will appear that reads 'success! You have submitted (X amount of) photos'.
  5. We will be informed that you have submitted entries to the competition and will approve your entries. 
  6. Once your images have been approved an email will be sent to advise you, and all submitted and approved photographs will be visible within the competition galleries.  

To help you prepare all necessary information for the successul online upload and submission of entires please use our Preperation resource sheet, see left hand column.