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This upload facility works best with an up-to-date internet browser, such as Google Chrome. Older browsers will not work as efficiently. Browsers older than Internet Explorer 9 may not work at all. If you can please update your browser now using this link HERE

CLICK HERE to download and use our Preparation resource sheet for online submission of images

Upload Photographs


Once your membership has been approved you can use this page to submit entries to the My Place Photography Competition. 

Follow the step by step guide below or use the Submit an Entry guidelines on the Competition Resources page.

Before you begin:

  • Have all of the photographs that you wish to enter during this session saved as JPEGs into a folder.
  • Take a note of each images title, student name and age. 
  • This will help make the submission process easy and it will help you keep track of what you have uploaded and for whom. 
  • The uploader will automatically resize your images. 
  1. Add one photograph at a time using the green ADD PHOTOS button. A preview thumbnail of each photograph will appear below. 
  2. Once you have uploaded all of the photographs you wish to submit during this session press the blue UPLOAD ALL button.
  3. A green uploading bar will appear above the preview images. Once all images have been uploaded a purple box will appear on screen.
  4. Once you have submitted all of the photograph entries for this session you can proceed to the next page Submit Your Entries where you can add in details for each image.

    To help you prepare all necessary information for the successul online upload and submission of entires please use our Preparation resource sheet, see left hand column. 
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