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Facelifts, tobacco, and BAR... 50 years of the Scottish Civic Trust

16 May 2017

By Gaby Laing, Heritage Officer

Please excuse the somewhat click-bait title, but my goodness what a fascinating and influential past the Scottish Civic Trust enjoys!

My role as Heritage Officer encompasses a number of things. Recently I had the opportunity to delve into the SCT's archive of printed material and do some officiating of the Trust's own heritage.

I have put together a timeline of the Trust's history of the last fifty years. This is by no means a comprehensive list; rather it comprises of some landmark moments which I hope will spark the interest of both those who have known of us for half a century, and those who have only just learned our name.

And in case you were wondering:

  • Facelift was the name of the campaign to clean Glasgow up in the 1970s. See 1970.
  • Tobacco is in the name of our headquarters for twenty years: the Tobacco Merchant's House. See 1997. 
  • BAR stands for Buildings at Risk. See 2008. 

Timeline Front

Timeline Jpg