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John Gerrard: Buildings at Risk in Scotland

6 October 2016


Over 2500 Buildings at Risk are listed in Scotland's official Register and there will hardly be a single local Civic Amenity Society unaffected by the threatened future of at least one valued example within its area of concern.

The Register has always included former places of worship and the general decline in church attendance has meant that their number is only likely to grow as time goes by. It is, of course, far from being a recent problem and in 1994 the Church Buildings Renewal Trust was set up, in Glasgow, with the aim of promoting the conservation of church buildings in general and in particular to encourage their continuing use as places of worship. The Scottish Civic Trust, with its strong common interest, has meanwhile helped to support this work as an Associate Member.

Now, in addition to holding conferences throughout Scotland and advising individual congregations, CBRT has extended its reach by developing a website ( that includes detailed advice on keeping church buildings viable, for example through enhanced community use and by publicising particular examples of 'best practice' through a series of case studies.

CBRT is always looking for further good examples of such adaptation to include on the database and, where church buildings would otherwise have been demolished or sold on for some commercial use, where a beneficial community use has been found for the whole building.


John Gerrard, Vice-chairman

6th October 2016