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Form a Civic Society

The Scottish Civic Trust was founded in 1967 in the belief that it is neither right nor proper that we, the public, should sit back and leave it to official action to procure these ends. If the public gives the impression that it does not care, is indifferent and apathetic, and criticises 'them' when things go wrong or when things are not done, it will inevitably dispirit those local councillors, officials and others with whom the decisions rest.

The most effective and democratic method of fighting indifference, apathy and ill-informed criticism, is for a local Civic or Amenity Society to be formed. One of the objects of The Scottish Civic Trust, which was formed in 1967, is to help communities to form Civic or Amenity Societies, and to assist such Societies thereafter when they are functioning.

If you or any of your friends or neighbours would like to set up a local civic group the Scottish Civic Trust is here to help. 

Our useful 'How to Form a Civic Group' document is a good place to start - download it here.

If you have any questions, or need further help contact the Trust at or 0141 221 1466. 

One of our oldest civic groups, Edinburgh's Cockburn Association, was founded in 1875.