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Case Studies

The Civic Survey we carried out in 2012 showed that 67% of groups felt it is important that SCT shares best practice across the network. Civic groups also value SCT's work in raising the profile of the movement nationally, with 75% stating that this activity was beneficial to their group.

The Trust has started to put together a series of case studies, to help share best practice and knowledge across the civic network and to raise awareness of the fantastic work being done by our affiliated groups across Scotland.

The first two case studies are The Causey project in Edinburgh - a project to transform a public space, and the Perth Civic Trust Awards - a long running awards scheme designed to raise the profile of the group and get people more interested in their surroundings. The third case study, published in May 2014, looks at how the Trust worked with affilaited local groups in Glasgow to establish the Glasgow Civic Forum, which aims to strengthen the dialogue between civic groups in the city and share best practice.

Case Study 1: The Causey - Transforming a Place

Case Study 2: Perth Civic Trust Awards - Celebrating Success

Case Study 3: Glasgow Civic Forum - Strengthening Dialogue

If your group has a successful or innovative project we could feature, let us know by emailing