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As the national umbrella organisation for over 100 civic and amenity groups the Scottish Civic Trust recognises the immensely important role that these groups play in the shaping of Scotland's communities and places.

Many of you will recall completing our civic survey last summer. The Trust received 32 responses out of 102 affiliated groups. the findings of the survey will shape and guide the activities of SCT and provide the evidence base for our strategy to deliver suitable support for civic groups. The full results are now available (you will need Microsoft Excel to open the document), along with a summary document highlighting some of the key findings focusing on:

  1. The make up of the civic movement in Scotland
  2. The civic movement's aspirations and priorities for the future
  3. SCT's performance and ambitions for the future.

These findings will shape and guide the future activities of the SCT and will provide the evidence base for our strategy to deliver suitable support to civic groups. The findings will also allow us to pose questions to individual civic groups and cluster groupings about how we can all respond to the challenges faced by the movement.

This survey gave us a snapshot of the key issues and challenges facing the civic movement in Scotland, and as such, it's intended to help us set our own priorities for action. We also hope it gave groups the opportunity to ask some questions about themselves, and we continue to meet with civic groups on a one-to-one basis to identify local issues and help strengthen their influence.