We advocate for the role of local civic groups in Scotland and internationally, as well as research and draft policies and publications on issues of national significance to the heritage sector. Local civic organisations can use these policies and publications in their work to tackle the big issues of our time, such as the Climate Crisis and racism against people of colour. Please feel free to adapt our policies and procedures yourself if they suit! Every building and organisation is different, so you may need to tinker with the wording to make sure it works for you.

We also steer the Make Your Mark in Volunteering Campaign, which aims to increase the number and diversity of heritage volunteers in Scotland, by sitting on the Campaign Working Group. The Make Your Mark campaign offers a suite of resources and support for volunteer-involving heritage organisations in Scotland, and we encourage all local heritage and civic groups to join the campaign.

See our above guidance pages to get started. If you have a question that isn’t answered by this information, please drop us a line: or 0141 221 1466.