Anti-racism Strategy

Anti-racism is an area of rapidly developing importance for Scottish heritage. Not only is racial equity a national priority for the Scottish Government, but the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement continues to call for institutional and representational changes in both society at large and in Scottish heritage more specifically. 

Staff at Scottish Civic Trust carried out research and and consulted with partners at the West of Scotland Regional Equality Council, Empower Women for Change, Next Step Initiative, Inspiring Families Development Network Scotland, Glasgow Night Shelter for Destitute Asylum Seekers, Colourful Heritage and the Our Shared Cultural Heritage project at Glasgow Museums to identify how the Trust could address racism in Scottish heritage. The resulting anti-racism policy examines SCT’s role in addressing racism from three key perspectives:

  1. As an employer, how can we be anti-racist in our work practices and projects?
  2. As the owner of the Tobacco Merchant’s House, how can we reinterpret our building’s history equitably?
  3. As a national heritage charity giving advice to over 127 small trusts and charities across the country, how can we set an example for anti-racist work and what advice can we give to others trying to be anti-racist?

The paper includes a range of policies and procedures that we’re going to put into practice over the course of the coming years. We’ll be posting updates on our progress every six months to let everyone know how we’re getting on and to ensure we are transparent about our progress.

Please feel free to adapt our policies and procedures yourself if they suit. Bear in mind that every organisation is different, so you may need to change the wording so it works for you. If you’d like any further advice, please feel free to get in touch with our Diverse Heritage Officer Nicky ( and our Communications Officer Erin (, who’ll be happy to give support.