Climate Crisis Response

We are all aware that the Climate Crisis will be one of the biggest challenges facing Scotland’s heritage for the next fifty years, but for most of us, figuring out how what our response should be is particularly challenging. We know we should be doing something, but we’re not sure where to start!

The staff and interns at the Scottish Civic Trust have carried out considerable research over the course of the last few years to find out what the key environmental issues are for us as an organisation. It’s a complex topic for us, as we have three points of interest which occasionally conflict with each other:

  • We provide sectoral guidance and leadership on heritage issues for over 127 small trusts and charities
  • We own our own A-listed building that was refurbished nearly 25 years ago to meet environmental conditions that have changed significantly
  • We have tenants in our building, for whom we manage waste disposal, building repair and services

Having analysed our research, we wrote the Climate Crisis Response paper below for our Board, who approved it in June 2020. The paper includes a range of policies and procedures that we’re going to put into practice over the course of the coming years. We’ll start with the lightbulbs and move on from there to the leadwork!

Please feel free to adapt our policies and procedures yourself if they suit. Bear in mind that every building and organisation is different, so you may need to tinker with the wording to make sure it works for you. If you’d like any further advice, please feel free to get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to give support. Alternatively, take a look at Historic Environment Scotland’s Climate Action Plan for more detailed information.