Colin McLean to Retire as Chair

The Chair of the Scottish Civic Trust, Colin McLean, has announced his intention to retire from office in September 2020 following an exciting and transformative period in the history of the Trust.

Colin was appointed as Chair in September 2016, and has led the Trust through a number of changes to improve its sustainability and to help focus the Trust’s vision for its future. He also led the recruitment of the Trust’s Director, Dr Susan O’Connor, who joined the organisation in April 2018.

Vice-Chair of the Trustees, Ed Taylor, thanked Colin for his successful and progressive tenure as Chair, and acknowledged the generous period of notice given by Colin to allow the Trustees to identify a replacement.

Announcing his retiral, Colin said, “When I arrived, the Scottish Civic Trust like many organisations in this fast-changing world was facing challenges and opportunities and I want to pay tribute to my fellow Trustees whose commitment and sense of strategic direction helped us to address these smoothly and effectively. Under Susan O’Connor’s leadership, the Trust has expanded its activities into a range of exciting new areas and reached out to new audiences. I am confident that the Trust has an important role to play in Scotland’s future and is in good shape to meet the high expectations placed upon it.”