Commenting on Planning Applications


Scottish Government Circular 4/2009 Development Management Procedures sets out the procedures for handling planning applications, consultations and public comments.

Development management is the term used for the process of deciding whether to grant or refuse planning permission. Your council will normally deal with applications for planning permission.


A Guide to the Planning System in Scotland (2009)
A Scottish Government document that does what it says on the tin!

Scottish Civic Trust Life of a Planning Application leaflet
Some basic information about how the planning process works.

Planning Aid Scotland – Development Management Information Sheet
Find out about how to apply for planning permission, how applications are determined and how to comment on applications.

Planning Aid Scotland – Material Considerations Information Sheet
Find out what are, and are not, relevant matters in commenting on planning application

Planning Aid Scotland – Planning Appeals and Local Reviews Information Sheet
Find out how decisions on planning applications can be challenged.

Case Studies

Our views

These letters are examples of letters SCT has written in response to Listed Building Consent and Conservation Area Consent applications. Use them to help you frame your own comments on a planning application, and to better understand how policy and guidance can be used to support your comments. 

Internal and external alterations to listed building at 6 Rowan Road, Glasgow (June 2014)
The Scottish Civic Trust supports proposals to restore and bring back into use a Category A-listed Building at Risk. Whilst we do not object to the principle of subdivision, we have concerns about the impact of these proposals on the interiors of the building, which gave rise to its Category A-Listing.

Nine new dwellings within a conservation area, Clachan of Campsie (May 2012)
While the Trust does not object to the prinicple of development on this site, we have concerns about the current proposals, which would have a negative impact on the character of the conservation area, introducing a suburban element to the area and diluting the special character that gave rise to its designation.

Erection of two 132m high wind turbines and associated works, Montrose (May 2012)
The Trust expressed concerns about the impact of the proposed turbines on the wider landscape of Montrose and the setting of the town’s A-listed buildings.

Useful Links

Planning Aid for Scotland
Planning Aid for Scotland is a unique, independent, charity that helps people shape their communities by engaging with the planning system.

Planning Democracy
Planning Democracy is campaigning for a fair and inclusive planning system in Scotland. Planning Democracy advocates for transparent accountable decision making based on a level playing field between the public and other stakeholders.

Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland (AHSS)
The Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland is concerned with the protection, preservation, study and appreciation of Scotland’s buildings. The Society has six regional groups who regularly respond to planning applications relating to the historic environment.