Designer needed: fun and youthful templates for built environment activity!

Calling all graphic designers! We’re looking for a designer to create a pack of paper building templates for our Doors Open Days project Cut • Fold • Build. Check out the design brief below or download it here. Please circulate to anyone you think may be interested! The deadline for a response is 9 July 2020.

Cut • Fold • Build Design Brief

      1. Overview of Scottish Civic Trust:

The Scottish Civic Trust was set up in 1967, to help people connect to their built environment heritage and take a leading role in guiding its development. In its infancy, it successfully campaigned for the restoration of Edinburgh’s New Town and can also claim credit for bringing Doors Open days to the United Kingdom. Doors Open Days is Scotland’s largest free festival that celebrates culture, heritage and the built environment by offering free access to over a thousand venues across the country every September. Due to COVID-19, Doors Open Days 2020 will be going digital, with venues creating online tours, talks and downloadable educational content that will be accessed through the Door Open Days website.

Our mission: To celebrate Scotland’s built environment, take action for its improvement and empower its communities.

      2. Description of project – Cut • Fold • Build

We have created 11 scale 2D-templates of Scottish buildings. These templates can be cut, folded and glued to create 3D-paper building models. Each template is accompanied by simple instructions: a thick solid line = cut; a dashed line = fold; and a dot pattern = glue. Numbers on the template indicate the recommended sequence of assembly. An example template can be seen here, and completed models can be seen below.

Model makers are encouraged to colour in their model before cutting out the template and to share on social media photos of their completed models and stories about how their models are being used, displayed or played with. The models will be uploaded onto our Doors Open Days website and will be available to download as part of our Digital Doors Open Days festival in September 2020. We are in need of a designer to jazz up our templates, keeping the scale, but making them vibrant, bright and kid-friendly.                


      3. Objectives of Cut • Fold • Build:

  • Provides a simple, step-by-step activity that teachers/adults can use to engage children in Scottish built heritage
  • Raises awareness of Scottish architectural and cultural heritage
  • Inspires young people to consider a career in the built environment
  • Develops young people’s spatial understanding through hands-on construction of paper building models
  • Encourages young people to engage with their local built environment through a playful interrogation of its form
  • Increases the brand awareness of Scottish Civic Trust and Doors Open Days nationwide
  • Hosted on the Scottish Civic Trust and Doors Open Days websites as a free, downloadable educational resource

      4. Content:  

  • We will be providing the copy with the awarded contract
  • We would like the designer to make up their own models and photograph them for use in the pack
  • The pack will be divided into the following sections: 
    • Introduction/description
    • Materials list
    • Learning objectives/Curriculum for Excellence alignment
    • Cut • Fold • Build templates

      5. Specifications:

  • We would like:
    • 2 full colour, image-laden packs
      • One English version, one Gaelic version
      • With the content sections outlined above
      • For possible printing and distribution to creative venues 
    • Individual, black and white templates 
      • Separate PDF files for each building template – for people to easily print off
      • 2 versions for each building template – one English, one Gaelic
      • Should be minimal paper and ink usage
  • All the educational toolkits must:
    • Keep the scale of the building templates
    • Be A4
    • Be eye-catching, youthful, fun
    • Use Doors Open Days branding
    • Incorporate LEADER logo and tagline (at the end of the document)
    • Be a downloadable PDF (not be too large a file size) 

      6. Target Market:

Scotland’s remote and rural communities, such as those in the Highland, Argyll & Bute, Eilean Siar and Dumfries and Galloway council areas. Demographics tells us that:

  • 23% of Island residents aged 3 and above had some knowledge of Gaelic. This statistic rises to 60%-70% in the Eilean Siar council area of the Western Isles. 8% of Highland residents aged 3 and above had some knowledge of Gaelic. These numbers are significantly higher than the national average of 1.7%.
  • These areas are often characterised by an aging population and net-out migration of young people. 

These statistics have informed our decision to design models of buildings in the Highlands and Islands and create a bilingual pack in English and Gaelic. The activity will be targeted at school children to instil them with a sense of civic pride, encouraging them to cultivate a deeper connection with their local areas. The creation of educational resources and cultural experiences also make rural and remote areas a more attractive place to raise children, thereby encouraging the growth of younger populations.

We will also be promoting the Cut • Fold • Build activity to people nationwide, outwith the Highlands and Islands. This will increase national knowledge of Highlands and Islands built environment.

      7. Target Audience: 

  • Primary school teachers
  • Informal learning institutions and groups that work with primary school aged children (museums, arts venues, youth groups, scouts, brownies)
  • Family groups

      8. Project Timescales: 

  • 23 June 2020: design brief circulated
  • 9 July 2020: designer responses due (see below)
  • 10 July 2020: contract awarded
  • 24 July 2020: design ideas consultation / first draft
  • 11 August 2020: final draft

      9. Required response:

  • 3 examples of relevant previous work with an educational bend or design aimed at children/young people
  • 2 references from previous clients

      10. How the Project will be awarded:

Tenders will be reviewed by an internal panel based on referees and quality of previous work.

      11. Project Budget: 


      12. Contact Information:

Queries, references and examples of relevant previous work should be sent to


Cut • Fold • Build is a Doors Open Days 2019 legacy project delivered by Scottish Civic Trust.  This project is part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Argyll and the Isles and Outer Hebrides Leader 2014-2020 Programme.