Doors Open Days

Doors Open Days is Scotland’s largest free festival that celebrates places, history and culture. It offers free access to hundreds of venues and events across the country throughout September, every year.

The festival is coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust and is part of European Heritage Days alongside Scottish Archaeology Month.  European Heritage Days is a pan-European project that brings citizens together and highlights the European dimensions of our shared cultural heritage.

Doors Open Days is delivered in collaboration with area coordinators from local authorities and amenity groups, supported by many thousands of volunteers.

Visit the Doors Open Days website to learn more about the festival, find out about participating venues, sign up to the Doors Open Days e-newsletter, and read all our latest news and stories.

Doors Open Days is supported by:


Doors Open Days festivities at Sorbie Tower in Dumfries and Galloway. Credit: Steve Hanna.