What We Do

Our mission is to celebrate Scotland’s built environment, take action for its improvement and empower its communities.

We aim to achieve this through three main strands of activity: Celebrate, Take Action and Advocate. You can read more about our work in our Strategic Plan, and learn about our recent activities in our Annual Reports.

To celebrate Scotland’s built environment, we:

  • Coordinate Doors Open Days, which celebrates our shared built and cultural heritage by enabling access to places, spaces, and activities not usually open to the public.
  • Organise the My Place Awards, which recognise the impact of regeneration projects on local communities.
  • Run the My Place Photography Competition, which celebrates the involvement of young people in the built environment.
  • Maintain the Tobacco Merchant’s House as an example of sustainable best practice
  • Run annual celebration and networking events for local groups engaging with heritage

To take action and enable community groups to get involved with their local heritage, we:

To advocate for and support local voices within the heritage and planning sectors, we:

You can find out more about what we do by looking around our website and checking out our News section. And make sure to be the first to hear about our new and exciting projects by keeping a close eye on our Facebook, Twitter. Instagram and LinkedIn feeds.