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Our Civic Pride Campaign supports and celebrates the work of local civic groups and amenity societies across Scotland.

What do we hope to achieve with this campaign?  The advancement of civic pride amongst communities throughout Scotland leading to more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive places.

Find out more about the campaiign and our network of affiliiated groups.

Gordon Barr and Gary Painter

Wednesday 7 June 2017 - 7pm - 54 Bell Street, Glasgow

Scotland has some of the most architecturally diverse cinema buildings of anywhere in the world. This double-act led talk will cover the full range of Glasgow's cinema history, from converted roller-skating rinks, via the earliest purpose built halls, the peculiarly Scottish 'back-court' theatres, to the finest thirties art deco super-cinemas, stopping off to highlight some of the most interesting depictions of Glasgow on screen, both as itself and pretending to be other cities along the way.

Gordon Barr and Gary Painter of the Scottish Cinemas and Theatres Project have been recording and researching Scotland's palaces of entertainment for over fifteen years. 

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Do conservation areas hold back or encourage positive development?

Wednesday 14 June 2017 - 7pm - 54 Bell Street, Glasgow

We all agree that the protection and enhancement of Scotland's conservation areas are important although some of us may be concerned that this statutory requirement of local authorities is not being met in many cases. However, as pressure increases to build in urban areas, might there by a case for a loosening of some of the restrictions that planning law places on new developments in and around conservation areas? Is heritage management compatible with innovative and bold modern architecture? Are we stifling creativity and radical design by holding onto long-cherished heritage principles? How do we best deal with new design in historic settings?

These are just some of the issues our panel of experts will be discussing and debating with the audience. It promises to be a lively event.


  • Peter Drummond, Peter Drummond Architects
  • Gerry Hogan, Collective Architecture
  • Alasdair Tooze, Hoskins Architects
  • Jocelyn Cunliffe, Gray, Marshall & Associates

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